Hispanic Scholarship Info

LatPro.com’s Hispanic scholarship program for students awards $3,000 to one student per year. Applicants must be currently enrolled in an undergrad or graduate program at one of our registered schools in the US.  The next application deadline is April 30, 2016.  There is NO application fee.  Click here to see past award finalists.

For students to be eligible, their school must be registered.  Check our registered schools list  –  if your school isn’t there, ask your school’s Financial Aid contacts to register today (it’s a snap).  And please write us with any questions.

Eligibility for Scholarship

Students must:

  1. Be enrolled in AND currently attending a school that has registered for LatPro’s scholarship program.  Check our registered schools list.
  2. Be a full-time student when applying for the Hispanic scholarship.
  3. Like us on Facebook.
  4. Complete the scholarship application.

Schools must:

  1. Be registered for LatPro’s scholarship program and appear on the registered schools list.


Award Criteria

In the weeks following the scholarship deadline, finalists will be chosen and their essays published on our blog for the final selection process.   The scholarship award winner will be determined by the LatPro Hispanic Scholarship Committee and announced within 2 months of the scholarship deadline.

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