Cómo manejar tus errores como todo un profesional

Nadie sabe mejor que un jefe que todos se equivocan. Pero no todas las personas reaccionan igual. Cuando cometes un error, tu jefe no te quitará el ojo de encima y se hará las siguientes preguntas:

¿Estoy lidiando con alguien que:

1. aprende rápido de sus errores o los repite una y otra vez?
2. dice la verdad o arma un lío para desviar la atención?
3. acepta sinceramente su responsabilidad o solo me dice lo que yo quiero escuchar?
4. realmente me escucha y me entiende?

Tu jefe considerará el costo de tus errores como parte de lo que ha invertido en ti. Es el precio de hacer negocios. Cuando te equivocas es tu deber convencer a tu supervisor que su inversión dará buenos resultados. Puedes lograr esto si haces lo siguiente:

1. reporta tus errores cuanto antes para que tu jefe no se entere por otras personas
2. pide disculpas sin echarle la culpa a los demás ni ponerte a la defensiva
3. haz lo que puedas para corregir tu error y no te tardes
4. demuestra que has reflexionado en torno a por qué te equivocaste
5. resume los hechos y repite el mensaje que tu jefe te ha dado, por ejemplo: “Yo entiendo que este error ha salido caro en un momento en que la empresa…” y luego
6. comprométete a no volver a equivocarte de esa manera y explica cómo lo evitarás.

Aceptar toda la responsabilidad de un error, repararlo y evitar repetirlo es extremadamente difícil. Quizás es una de las cosas más difíciles en la vida. Y esa es una de las pocas ventajas que tienes en este caso — tu jefe sabe lo complicado que es. Así es que haz las cosas bien para que demuestres de qué estás hecho. ¡Si tienes suerte, tal vez salgas ganando!

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    Mariamartinezdavila June 11, 2012, 3:09 pm

    I once made a big mistake in my internship for I completely forgot to print some documents my boss had told me to print. The way to solve it was to just tell him the truth and tell him that I in the future I would be more careful and it would not happen again. It is easier to confront the situation, than pretend it didn’t happen.

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    MichelleQ6130 June 13, 2012, 9:18 pm

    I work in the Office of Financial Aid at my college. It is very important to keep everything discreet and up to date since it is dealing with peoples personal information. I answer the phones, greet people, make copies, scan documents, and overall have  good customer service skills. I really enjoy working there but at times it does get hectic.

    For example, one time I was not showing customer service skills and my boss corrected me. I took it as advice and did not get mad since it is my first job and I have to accept that I was doing things wrong. I changed my way of answering the phones and let my boss know that if I do anything wrong that I am willing to correct it and accept my mistakes.

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    mholguin12 July 8, 2012, 5:35 am

    During some points in our lives, it is acceptable for one to make mistakes. I definitely had plenty of them, and because I was so shy and honestly a bit afraid of my boss, I tried to hide them as much as possible. I had my first job as a lab assistant at the community college and I did enjoy it. I however, remember one event in which I had to prepare media by boiling the liquid on a hot plate. I was distracted by a classmate who kept talking to me and all of a sudden I hear the sound of liquid spilling over. I did not have a safety glove handy (which was my mistake) and soon there was a mess all over the lab. I was embarrassed and horrified!
    Right as the incident occurred, my boss walks in furious knowing I was not cautious about watching the media. I knew it was my fault although I wanted to blame my classmate for distracting me. I did apologize and she forgave me (thank goodness) but I did learn a valuable lesson. Always be prepared and have necessary materials ready, and do not slack off from your duties. I never made that mistake again, but I continued working on my other weaknesses.


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