The Internet is awash in career advice – written by people with no particular qualifications for giving advice. Loads of it is written by stay-at-home moms earning $10 per hour working in their pajamas, or worse, by Filipinos rewriting those $10 stories for $5 an hour. This mass-produced  career advice is doubtless useful on occasion… even  the blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.

But, if you really want to learn something about a career or the important life choices – you ask someone who’s been down the road. That’s what we’re doing here. You’ll find the stories told here at various times, interesting, funny, informative and often compelling but always real. These are real people telling you about real experiences from their careers – their mistakes and successes.

We like to think of this as a place to learn the big career/life lessons not taught in school.  A place for Hispanic professionals who may just be starting out or looking to change professions to tap into a quick mentor-like relationship with complete strangers.  A great learning opportunity for anyone faced with a career decision (just about everyone) — so join us for a good read!

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